The Fenelon Arts Committee (FAC) invites expressions of interest from artists or teams of artists to design and install two (2) sculptures in the Rain Garden, located on the south side of the Fenelon Museum property (Maryboro Lodge: The Fenelon Museum), to be on permanent display as public art. Two sculptures will be selected to be mounted on large limestone base rocks already in place.

 This opportunity is open to artists and artist teams with a connection to the Kawarthas who meet the following attributes:

  • Are able to meet the deadlines and stay within the approved budget.

  • Have the skills and experience required to manage all phases of the project from design to installation.

  • Have an understanding of the vision and themes described below

Rain Garden (looking north east), Fenelon Falls, Ontario

Rain Garden (looking north east), Fenelon Falls, Ontario


Each of the two sculptures must be capable of being mounted on one of the two limestone base rocks already in location adjacent to the Rain Garden. One base rock is 4’ x 4’ x 16”, the other is 3.5’ x 4.5’ x 8”. The base rocks are unanchored. Once installed, the sculptures will become City property, subject to an Acquisition Agreement as described below. 

Sculpture Base No. 1 , 4’ x 4’ x 16”, Rain Garden, Fenelon Falls, Ontario

Sculpture Base No. 1, 4’ x 4’ x 16”, Rain Garden, Fenelon Falls, Ontario

Sculpture Base No. 2 , 3.5’ x 4.5’ x 8”, Rain Garden, Fenelon Falls, Ontario

Sculpture Base No. 2, 3.5’ x 4.5’ x 8”, Rain Garden, Fenelon Falls, Ontario


  • Should provide an engaging visual art aesthetic that is visible from all perspectives.

  • Should consider the context of the location and the character of the area which is designated as the Oak Street Conservation District; for example, consideration may be given to the Indigenous use of the location as a portage and gathering place, the historical development of Fenelon Falls, or the natural heritage of the region and waterway.

  • Be inclusive, positive, and convey a sense of welcome to visitors.

  • Must be made of materials that withstand wind and weather and require minimal maintenance.

  • Must be stable and present no risk to public safety.

  • Must be mountable by the artist on limestone base rocks already installed.  The artist will be responsible for mounting the sculpture, subject to supervision by the City.



The budget for each sculpture is up to $25,000 each. All proposals must be inclusive of total cost, including artists’ fees, technical consulting, design, engineering, fabrication, site preparation, installation, documentation, travel expenses, taxes, and any other related cost.



The selection process will be undertaken by a five person Artists Selection Panel.  The Selection Panel consists of one member representing the City of Kawartha Lakes and the Fenelon Arts Committee, together with three prominent members of the local arts community. The Selection Panel reserves the right to select proposals in its discretion, and may choose not to select any or all proposals that do not meet its criteria.

The Selection Panel will review all initial submissions and short list up to five for further consideration. The five finalists will be required to submit final proposals, including a maquette, and will receive a stipend of $500 to complete this phase. Two sculpture proposals may ultimately be selected. The Selection Committee will consider proposals for partial funding for the two finalists in order to support production.



A)   Initial submissions for a proposed sculpture are at the sole cost of the artist and must include the following:

  • Name of artist or artists with contact information including full mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number.

  • Resume or CV of each artist who will be participating in the project.

  • Images (no larger than 1200 pixels wide, 150dpi, and 9MB for the full portfolio) showing previous samples of the artist’s work, electronic or hard-copy (images will only be returned if provided with a self-addressed and stamped envelope).

  • A written proposal outlining the artist’s approach to the proposed sculpture, including a summary of the materials to be used, method of manufacturing and installation, total cost, and timeline.

  • Sketch of the proposed sculpture.

B)    Final submissions for a proposed sculpture must include the following:

  • A maquette, scale model of the proposed sculpture.

  • Fully costed budget.

  • Fully detailed description of materials, manufacturing, engineering, installation, and timeline.

Final submissions will be eligible for the above-mentioned stipend of $500 upon delivery of all required material and information.


The artists with the two winning proposals will be required to enter into an Acquisition Agreement with the City, details of which will include the following:

  • Installation of the sculpture will be subject to supervision by the City’s engineering department.

  • Upon final installation of the sculpture, title and copyright to the work will pass to the City by donation, subject to the artist being paid in full according to the approved budget.

  • The Agreement shall specify the time, expressed in years, during which the sculptor will warrant and guarantee the sculpture shall not deteriorate or require repairs due to exposure to weather or structural flaws or instability. During the warranty period the sculptor will be responsible for effecting any such necessary repairs.

  • Subject to the warranty above, the City will be responsible for all insurance and repairs to the sculpture following installation, including vandalism.

  • If the need arises, the City will reserve the right to relocate the sculpture to another similarly prominent location on City property in Fenelon Falls, at the City’s sole discretion and expense.

  • The City will reserve the right to permanently remove the sculpture from public display, in which event the City shall offer the sculpture to be returned to the Fenelon Arts Committee for further disposition.   



The following timeline outlines the anticipated schedule for the project.  The schedule may vary  at the discretion of the Fenelon Arts Committee:

  • Initial Submissions to be received by September 30, 2019

  • Selection process and short listing by October 15, 2019

  • Final Submission to be received by January 10, 2020

  • Short list interviews and selection by January 2020

  • Final installation Summer 2020



All inquiries and submissions should be directed to:

Fenelon Arts Committee
Attention: Darcie Kennedy

Rain Garden (looking south), Fenelon, Falls, Ontario

Rain Garden (looking south), Fenelon, Falls, Ontario